The Bike Saints Program is an initiative to maintain high-quality public spaces and provide a way for locals to directly support the creation of a top-notch bikeshare system here in New Orleans.


Bike Saints are existing Blue Bikes membership holders who have the opportunity to earn a free monthly membership by returning Blue Bikes parked Out-of-Hub to designated Blue Bikes hubs. A Bike Saint receives one Return-to-Hub Point after they return an Out-of-Hub vehicle to a designated Blue Bikes hub. 

By earning 20 Return-to-Hub Points in a calendar month, a Bike Saint qualifies for a free monthly membership that is redeemable for the subsequent month. Bike Saints who earn 20 Return-to-Hub Points in a calendar month will be emailed a promo code to redeem their free monthly membership. This email will be manually sent by Blue Bike’s customer support team.

Do I need to sign up?

You don’t need to sign up to become a Bike Saint! Anyone with a monthly membership is eligible. Once you have earned 10 Return-to-Hub Points you automatically become a Bike Saint! After that, you will receive a special automated email after each trip ends so you can track your progress while you help your community. 

Do points roll over?

Return-to-Hub Points do not roll over and reset to zero on the first day of each month. There is no limit on the amount of Return-to-Hub Points that a Bike Saint can earn. However, a Bike Saint will only be able to earn one free monthly membership per month. 

Earn More Than an Hour of Ride Time: 

Dedicated Bike Saints have the unique opportunity to earn more than an hour of ride time. Here’s how you can earn additional time: 

Just as a heads up, these additional daily minutes will only last one renewal period.


For points to be awarded, the trip needs to last longer than 3 minutes and the bike needs to be reporting out of hub.  Due to GPS buffers, bikes parked near a hub, though not locked to it, may already identify as in hub.  It is best to book bikes that are at least a block away from the nearest hub for the return to count.