With a focus on ensuring equitable access to affordable transportation options for residents of New Orleans, Blue Bikes For All is a program that provides a reduced fare of $4.00 per month for riders who qualify for SNAP or Medicaid. Blue Bike For All members have up to 60 minutes of included ride time per day.

Here’s how to enroll in a Blue Bikes For All membership: 

  1. Download the Blue Bikes Nola app and enter your phone number, name, and email address.
  2. Tap on the “?” icon on the bottom of the screen to contact customer support. 
  3. In the form provided, enter Blue Bikes For All in the subject line. 
  4. Select “Add Image” and take a photo of your SNAP or Medicaid Card. 
  5. Hit Submit. You should receive confirmation of your submission within 24 hours.

One in five of all trips are by Blue Bikes For All riders.

Additionally, Blue Bikes For All members are the most consistent Blue Bikes riders, demonstrating the immense transportation service that Blue Bikes provides New Orleanians.